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Staging Your Home to Sell


A potential buyer knows within 15 seconds of walking into a home whether they want to continue the tour or not.  That is why staging your home is so important!  Statistics show that staging your home sells it more quickly than if you did not stage your home.  Here are some DIY tips on staging your home prior to putting it on the market:

Get Rid of Clutter: It’s hard to see the charm of a house if there is clutter everywhere.  A truly lived-in look is not a plus when it comes to selling a home, so clear away everyday clutter including paperwork, collections and personal photos. The buyer needs to be able to visualize themselves in the space, and they won’t be able to do that with constant reminders that you’re still very much in residence.

Make the Space Feel Bigger: The objective of home staging is to leave potential buyers with the impression that a home is spacious.   This may mean removing some of the furniture in a room or rearranging so that the space does not feel cramped.

Minimize the Flaws: Potential buyers may see minor flaws which detour them from looking any further.   Find the flaws and fix them or pay someone to fix them.

Paint if Necessary:  Dirty walls or brightly colored walls may detour potential buyers, so you might want to consider paining.  Neutral tones are best because they appeal to the masses and they make the room look larger.

Spring Cleaning:  Every inch of your home should sparkle with the kind of clean that tells buyers the property is cared for and in tip-top shape. Remove corner cobwebs, keep windows squeaky clean and banish any odors resulting from pets, cooking, smoking and the like.

Clean  & Organize Garage:  Believe it or not, potential buyers also want to see a clean garage!  Get rid of all the things you don’t need anymore and organize your garage.  The most inexpensive way to get organized is to buy the large plastic bins and categorize the things you keep in your garage like Christmas decorations, camping gear, etc.

Less is More:  After you’ve cleaned, painted and repositioned furniture, carefully select the art and accessories you choose to replace in every room of the home. Remember the rule of threes to create pleasing, uncluttered groupings of items, and add welcoming vitality with a few thoughtfully placed plants. Stow away all personal items and limit wall decorations to fewer and larger pieces, including strategically placed mirrors that expand spaces and reflect your best assets.

Curb Appeal: Get potential buyers in the door by creating a grand entry. A front door that’s energy efficient as well as beautiful makes a great impression, and polished hardware, a tidy new doormat and planters overflowing with colorful blooms complete the look. And don’t forget to trim the lawn and tend to landscape plantings, because these chores can bring you a different kind of green: according to the Professional Landcare Network, lush landscaping adds as much as 15 percent to the property value of a home.  Don’t forget about the backyard as well!

Posted by:  Sheri Negri


Greener Living – 9 Gardening Projects


  1. DIY Composite Bin – You do not have to throw out your green waste.  Use it as fertilizer instead!  Begin by building a composite pile.  Make sure you have equal layers of greens and dirt waste.
  2. Start Your Own Herb Garden – Organic herbs can be expensive, so start your own herb garden instead!  You can plant herbs in pots and put them in your kitchen, or you can make a small herb garden in your back yard.
  3. Organize Your Gardening Tools – You can repurpose a bucket:  1) Line the bucket with cloth; 2) Tie a colorful and fun gardeners apron around the bucket; 3) Place tools in the bucket and pockets of apron and you are ready to head out to your garden!
  4. Make Planters Using Newspaper – Soy-based ink newspaper becomes biodegradable compost.  You can plant young plants this way until they are ready to be planted in the ground.
  5. Repair a Leaky Hose – Purchasing a hose repair kit can save you money instead of going out and buying a new hose.
  6. Build a Bird Bath/Fountain –
  7. Sharpen Your Gardening Tools – Nothing is worse than dull gardening tools.  Sharpening your tools will make gardening go much faster!
  8. Bring Your Lawn Back to Life – Revitalize your lawn by using just one or two tools. An aerator helps the soil breathe and a power rake gets it ready for seeding.
  9. Build a Garden Edge – Repurpose materials to use as a garden edge like wine bottles, broken pieces of terra cotta pots, etc.  – Get creative!!!!

Posted by:  Sheri Negri