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Greener Living – 9 Gardening Projects


  1. DIY Composite Bin – You do not have to throw out your green waste.  Use it as fertilizer instead!  Begin by building a composite pile.  Make sure you have equal layers of greens and dirt waste.
  2. Start Your Own Herb Garden – Organic herbs can be expensive, so start your own herb garden instead!  You can plant herbs in pots and put them in your kitchen, or you can make a small herb garden in your back yard.
  3. Organize Your Gardening Tools – You can repurpose a bucket:  1) Line the bucket with cloth; 2) Tie a colorful and fun gardeners apron around the bucket; 3) Place tools in the bucket and pockets of apron and you are ready to head out to your garden!
  4. Make Planters Using Newspaper – Soy-based ink newspaper becomes biodegradable compost.  You can plant young plants this way until they are ready to be planted in the ground.
  5. Repair a Leaky Hose – Purchasing a hose repair kit can save you money instead of going out and buying a new hose.
  6. Build a Bird Bath/Fountain –
  7. Sharpen Your Gardening Tools – Nothing is worse than dull gardening tools.  Sharpening your tools will make gardening go much faster!
  8. Bring Your Lawn Back to Life – Revitalize your lawn by using just one or two tools. An aerator helps the soil breathe and a power rake gets it ready for seeding.
  9. Build a Garden Edge – Repurpose materials to use as a garden edge like wine bottles, broken pieces of terra cotta pots, etc.  – Get creative!!!!

Posted by:  Sheri Negri