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Advertising on Facebook


Does it pay to advertise on Facebook?  Some people might say yes.  I guess it depends on the type of business and how much money the business is willing to pay.  I personally do not see the value unless you are already well-known brand and you are paying for impressions to keep your brand out in the forefront.

Ad rates are getting more expensive, so you better have a big advertising budget.  You can also get burned by not choosing the proper demographics.  Some experts say you should expect to lose money your first time out of the gate, if you choose to use Facebook as a form of advertising.  Even if you do get the demographics right, some never see results!  Who actually pays attention to the Facebook ads anyway?  I personally think ads on Facebook are annoying.

Why pay for an ad, when you can advertise your business via a fan page for free!  With a fan page, you have the ability to create custom tabs which make your fan page look similar to a website if desired.  You can make one of the tabs your landing or welcome page.  Other tabs can be customized based on your type of business.   It’s easy enough to do on your own like I did, or you can find templates online to use online.  Here is one that I found in my search that you can use:  www.facitpages.com.

For those of you interested in seeing what I did with my fan page, here is my link:


The only custom tabs I have currently are my Welcome tab and Realty Services tabs.

Posted by:  Sheri Negri