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Advertising on Facebook


Does it pay to advertise on Facebook?  Some people might say yes.  I guess it depends on the type of business and how much money the business is willing to pay.  I personally do not see the value unless you are already well-known brand and you are paying for impressions to keep your brand out in the forefront.

Ad rates are getting more expensive, so you better have a big advertising budget.  You can also get burned by not choosing the proper demographics.  Some experts say you should expect to lose money your first time out of the gate, if you choose to use Facebook as a form of advertising.  Even if you do get the demographics right, some never see results!  Who actually pays attention to the Facebook ads anyway?  I personally think ads on Facebook are annoying.

Why pay for an ad, when you can advertise your business via a fan page for free!  With a fan page, you have the ability to create custom tabs which make your fan page look similar to a website if desired.  You can make one of the tabs your landing or welcome page.  Other tabs can be customized based on your type of business.   It’s easy enough to do on your own like I did, or you can find templates online to use online.  Here is one that I found in my search that you can use:  www.facitpages.com.

For those of you interested in seeing what I did with my fan page, here is my link:


The only custom tabs I have currently are my Welcome tab and Realty Services tabs.

Posted by:  Sheri Negri



How to Use and Generate a QR Code


QR codes…QR codes…QR codes…Everyone is talking about them!  What are they and what are they used for?  Well a QR code is basically barcode technology that was originally designed by a subsidiary of Toyota to track vehicle parts.  Now QR codes are being used for marketing in many different ways and in different industries–including real estate. There are many QR code readers that are designed to be used with smartphones.  The most common apps I have seen are QuickReader, QuickMark, NeoReader, BeeTag, and I-Nigma.  You will have to find out which QR code reader app works with your smartphone.

 Sample QR Code:

I have read a lot of articles and blogs about whether or not QR codes are useful in the real estate industry.  I personally see the value as long as they are used appropriately.  I would say putting a QR code on your website would be an oxymoron move.  The whole idea is to direct people online whether it be your contact information, your website, a web commercial, or a video tour of a home.  If they are already on your website, then what’s the point? When using QR codes, you have to think of whether or not it’s going to provide value to the consumer.

I do not consider myself an expert by any means, but I have been playing around with QR codes enough to give a few pointers to those who are new to QR codes.  So for what it’s worth, here are some basic instructions on how to use QR codes:

1) First determine your purpose for using the QR code.  What URL do you plan to attach to the QR code?  I am using QR codes to place on my business card and direct to my website.  Eventually I would like to create a video commercial that will replace it.  Everything in due course!

2) There are many free QR code generators online, but I used goo.gl.  To use goo.gl, you need to have a gmail account.  Once you setup a gmail account, login and go to goo.gl.  It’s free!

3) Paste the URL you want to attach to the QR code and click on “Shorten”.

4) You will see the long and short URL versions with a “Details” link below where you enter the URL.  Click on the “Details” link, and you will see the QR code on the right-hand side of the screen.

5) Right-click on the QR code and save as a JPEG to your computer.  Then you can import the JPEG into your marketing materials.  However, first you need to test it to make sure you get the desired results.  Test it in goo.gl first using your QR code reader app on your smartphone.

Goo.gl tracks the activity of people who scan your QR code which is really cool.  Other QR code generators track activity as well.

Posted by:  Sheri Negri

Using QR Codes in Real Estate


I learned about QR codes about a month ago at a NAR seminar here in Sacramento.  I consider myself to be technically savvy, and this was the first time I had ever heard about QR codes.  I finally had the opportunity this week to play around with QR codes, and it was a lot of fun.  And the great thing about this technology is it’s free!

Some of you may be wondering what the heck a QR code is?  Well, it is basically a barcode that can be scanned by a QR code reader from your smartphone.  QR stands for Quick Response.

QR codes where originally created by a subsidiary of Toyota to track vehicle parts.  Now this technology is gaining popularity in many different areas including real estate!

The basic concept of the QR code is that you can link information to a QR code for marketing purposes whether it be text, email, video, website and the like.   How cool is that right???

One of the best uses I see for the real estate industry is placing a QR code on a listing flyer and/or open house flyer to showcase the inside of a home.  QR codes can also help market you as an agent!  Of course, your potential customer must have a QR code reader on their smart phone to take advantage of this technology!  There are a number of QR code readers out there for the iPhone, Andriod and newer Blackberries.  I did a bit of research and ended up loading NeoReader for my iPhone.   Other popular apps I found online include QuickReader, I-Nigma, BeeTag, MobileReader.  There are a lot of them out there, so do your research to find out which one is best for your smartphone.

Helpful hints:
I used goo.gl (a google tool) to generate my QR code because I wanted to link one of my youtube videos to a QR code.  I know there are other tools out there to link text, etc.  Once the QR code is created, you can copy and paste it into anything you want!  I highly recommend taking the time to research and play around with this technology.  You will not be disappointed!

Posted by:  Sheri Negri